In just over a month, our DSC High-School and Middle-School Performance Camps are going to ramp up and we cannot wait to get going!

Each year, kids of all abilities work hard at DSC to improve their athleticism, speed, strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, and injury prevention. 

It is incredible to see the progress our campers make, not only in their performance but also in their confidence over the course of the summer. 

One area that is just as important as our youth's fitness which we are going to work hard to improve this Summer, is their nutrition. 

We are excited to announce we will be including nutrition lessons to our camps, covering a variety of topics like how and why to eat a balanced breakfast, pre/post workout nutrition, how to read food labels, hydration, and more.

Now is the time to set the foundation for a life of healthy nutritional habits!

In fact, research has shown eating the right foods at a young age can:

  • Create long-term healthy eating habits 
  • Help children maintain a healthy weight
  • Prevent and decrease the risk of various diseases and illnesses 
  • Improve digestive health
  • Improve sport performance 
  • Improve cognitive function (memory, attention, learning)

To get you parents started, DSC Nutrition Coach, Eirikur Holt covers 3 tips to help improve your child's nutrition!

Enjoy :) 

Our Summer Middle-School and High-School Performance Camps start June 25th!

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