At 52, I was a gym virgin and the last time I ran more than a mile was in high school. 

I never worked out at home and I weighed more than I did when I was pregnant. 

I was ready for a change and decided to register for a challenging 4-mile road race to benefit First Responders. 

I was really nervous about the race, but equally nervous about how to prepare for it. 

I came across an ad on Facebook about the DSC Women’s Group and decided to check it out.

I still remember my first visit to DSC. 

I wanted to get a feel for the kinds of exercises I was in for and as I watched the group of women I was struck by their diversity. 

Women of all ages and abilities working out together, sweating and many were smiling!! 

I thought to myself “I think I can do this,” and several members offered me some words of encouragement after their workout. 

Things like “The hardest part is walking in the door.” and “You can do this!”   

The Woman’s Group proved to be exactly what I was looking for. 

Coach Renee explained each exercise and the coaches demonstrated the correct form and were always available to assist or recommend an alternate or easier form of the exercise for beginners. 

I joined DSC without knowing any other members, so the support of the group made me feel welcomed and kept me engaged. 

I quickly made connections with several of the women in the group and realized that having a “workout buddy” to keep me accountable was key.  

Priscilla Sellers turned out to be the perfect partner and continues to be a constant source of support and motivation. After a year in the Women’s Group we decided to challenge ourselves a bit more by joining the Adult Group and then we got really ambitious and joined the Nutrition Program too!! 

After only a few months in the Adult Group I definitely felt stronger and more capable of pushing myself.  

The Nutrition Group played a critical role in helping me reach my weight loss goals by teaching me the importance of whole foods, meal planning and using food as fuel, especially before and after my workouts. 

The live chats and private Facebook page made it easy for me to ask questions and the coaches and members were full of helpful tips and recipes to help me succeed.  

My favorite part of the Nutrition Group was seeing measurable results in a relatively short period of time.

So far, I’ve lost 30 pounds and traded in my size 12-14 jeans for a size 8!

More importantly, I’m stronger now than I’ve ever been (and my kids and husband are taking notice)!

I’ve made positive changes to my diet thanks to what I learned in the Nutrition Program. 

One of my favorite things about DSC is the group dynamic. 

By working out together, you learn more, have more fun, get to experience success, and celebrate success in others at almost every workout.

My advice to anyone considering joining the DSC Family (it really is like a family) is don’t think twice! 

The coaches know every member by name and they won’t let you fail. 

They demonstrate every exercise before every circuit and will encourage you as a beginner and challenge you when they know you’re ready for more. 

Workouts are always changing and that keeps things interesting. 

Joining DSC's Women's Group was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

- Deb

Our next Women's Group Training starts in April! 

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