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We have found ourselves on either side of the spectrum when it comes to our youth's activity levels.

On one side, the rise in travel teams, early specialization and year round competition leaves many of our youth over-competed, injured and rundown. 

It is no surprise overuse injuries are at an all-time high and sports related surgeries that were once performed on adults are being performed on middle-school aged kids. 

On the other end, our youth's activity is at an all time low. 

With budget cuts, our kids are lucky if they are able to participate in a gym class or recess one time per week. 

This leaves many kids who do not participate in sports at a much higher risk of health related issues. 

Our goal at Dynamic Strength and Conditioning is to raise awareness and create a solution to these issues while making fitness fun, reducing athletic injuries or burnout and creating a iifelong interest in health, nutrition and wellness.

Research shows that exercise, especially a structured performance training program not only improves strength, power, speed, balance, and coordination, but will also enhance cognitive function (learning, memory, etc.), mood, and self-esteem.

With the trend in early specialization of sports and the rise in youth inactivity, it becomes even more important that our youth has a solid foundation of movement, conditioning and strength to ensure a long, healthy, athletic career.

Here are 6 benefits of joining our Winter Middle-School and High-School Camps!

#1 Camaraderie

Working out by your self is never that fun or motivating.

It’s easy to do the things you like and to skip the stuff you don’t. 

Working out in a group not only provides motivation, but also creates an atmosphere that teaches accountability and teamwork.

#2 Performance

Our goal as performance coaches is to make our summer campers better athletes. 

We do this in a variety of ways like improving our athletes speed, power, agility, reaction, total-body & core strength and endurance. 

They will leave our camps running faster, jumping higher, reacting and getting to the ball quicker with less fatigue. 

This will leave them playing as hard and fast in the first quarter as they will be in last. 

One of our favorite parts of the program is testing our athlete's speed and vertical jump at the beginning of the camp and seeing their incredible progress at the end of the summer. 

This creates huge spike in confidence as the athletes see all of their hard work payoff at the end of the winter --- a perfect way to perform at their very best during spring sport season! 

#3 Decrease Risk of Injury

Sports are demanding, unpredictable, and often physical. 

Any one of those things can increase an athletes chance of injury if their body is not equipped to handle the demands of their sport. 

In fact, over 3.5 million youth athletes will be injured this year with overuse being the number one cause of injury. 

This simply means, their bodies were not physically ready to handle the demands of their season(s). 

Research shows proper warm-ups, stretching, plyometrics, strength and core training and conditioning all can drastically reduce an athlete's risk of injury!

The best defense is a good offense, and a well rounded strength training program can "bulletproof" an athlete against injury!

#4 Coaching

With a low coach to athlete ratio we are able to give all kids individualized attention and motivation. 

Athletes are able to get the attention of 1-on-1 training within the group setting. 

This is crucial in our coaching as the kids in our program come from a variety of athletic and non-athletic backgrounds and injury histories. 

Our coaches teach foundational training technique and educate on proper training practices, empowering athletes with the skills and knowledge necessary for long term success.

#5 Nutrition

We know most kids are picky eaters.

We also know how much they will benefit from learning and instilling better choices and habits when it comes to their nutrition. 

And that is exactly our goal.

Over the course of the winter we will be teaching our campers:

  • How to eat a balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • How to properly hydrate
  • How to limit sugars and other junk foods
  • How to properly fuel before training, games and practices 

#6 It's fun!

We know from research that if a kid enjoys physical activity at a young age they are more likely to continue to lead an active and healthy life later on. 

Our goal is to ensure that every athlete has a great experience. 

We use a positive, high energy, fun environment to teach our athletes the fundamental movements, strength, speed and skills needed for a lifetime of achievement and health.

Register before November 15th and save 10%!

Use the promo code: WINTER17 at checkout.

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