There are not many one size fits all exercises in the fitness industry. 

Most exercises need to be tailored to the individual’s specific goals, needs, injury history, and current level of fitness. 

A perfect example would be a beginner, trying to complete one of the more advanced kettlebell exercises on his or her first day at the gym – not a good idea.

That is not the case with the band dead-bug. 

It is one of our favorite ab exercises and is perfect for ALL levels of fitness.  

The majority of our new members come to us in what is called an extended posture. 

The skeleton in the middle in the picture above is optimal posture.  

Due to a number of factors i.e.: stress, abdominal weakness, imbalanced exercise programs, too much sitting, we shift into a more and more extended position (skeleton on the right).  

The bottom of our rib cage lifts (rib flare) in the front and our pelvis tilts forward. 

We now have excessive stress, compression, and stiffness in our low back and hips. 

At the same time, this postural change actually weakens and lengthens our abs. 

This is bad news as research shows strong abdominals will help:

  • Improve workout strength and overall performance
  • Improve posture
  • Decrease low-back pain and stiffness 
  • Decrease injury risk
  • Improve hip and shoulder flexibility 

This extended posture puts excessive stress on our low backs. 

Additionally, this position increases your heart and respiratory rate both at rest and during exercise. 

This means you are going to be working harder than you should during exercises and will fatigue quicker. 

These changes all lead to more pain, injury, and a decrease in performance. 

Enter the Band Dead-Bug! 

This is our favorite ab and postural exercise geared towards improving abdominal strength and tone at DSC.

It is great for building stronger abs but also, due to it's low-intensity nature, can and should be done every day!

  • Attach band to stable surface
  • Lay on back and pull band forward over your shoulders, keeping arms straight
  • Keep tension on your band by pulling it forward
  • Feel your low back in the floor throughout the exercises
  • Slowly reach one leg out, pause and exhale slowly through your mouth
  • Press low back into floor as you hold leg out and feel abs tighen
  • If you cannot keep low back down, do not reach your leg out as far
  • Start with 2-3 sets of 5 reps/leg

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