Our Winter High-School Performance Camps start January 23rd!

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It all started during the summer of 2012 when my three daughters were fumbling around with various training programs. 

My oldest daughter was getting ready to enter her junior year of high school and knew that she was behind in her athletic development to pursue her dream of playing division 1 lacrosse in college. 

My eighth grader that was told she would never play sports after a hypotonia diagnosis (low muscle development) at age two, felt like she had something to prove.  

And my then fifth grader, concluded that she was going to outperform them all on the field.

It wasn’t long after their arrival at DSC that I realized we had struck gold with what needed to be done to accomplish their goals.  

From the initial athletic training assessment performed by Matt, to the highly motivating and nurturing environment that trainers had created, my girls were hooked.  All of the testimonials that highlight the fun, challenging, personalized and accountable atmosphere are 100% accurate!  

As a result, my girls have stuck with the program for the last 4 ½ years and continue to rave about their experience each and every time they train.

Although a big investment (time and money) to have committed to DSC for such a long time, the results speak for themselves:

  • 425K in athletic money for my three daughters
  • Oldest daughter playing D1 lacrosse at George Washington University and led the team in goals as a sophomore last year

  • Middle daughter playing D1 lacrosse at Iona College and about to begin her career as a freshman

  • Youngest daughter playing three varsity sports at St. Paul’s in Concord N.H. and actively being recruited to play both D1 lacrosse and soccer in college

My advice to parents who are thinking about having their kids train with DSC goes as follows:

If your kid wants to play sports in college, whether it is at the D1, D2 or D3 level, there is no better option to prepare than a DSC program.

Having had several discussions with college coaches, I’ve learned that their focus is less about goal scoring and more about the kid’s ability to generate and create space (speed) from opposing players. 

How quickly they get off the circle or the restraining line in lacrosse, how fast they can get out of the box as a goalie in soccer are paramount to their success on the field in college.  

Yes they need skill, but what they don’t have can be taught, whereas speed and explosiveness cannot.

- Jim Donohue

Our Winter High-School Performance Camps start January 23rd!

Click on the "green button" below for more information!