I have spent the past 10+ years trying to “get in shape”.  

What was my definition of “in shape”?  

I didn’t have one.  

I figured that if I lost weight, I would be in shape. 

I have been a member of pretty much every gym in the Nashua area. 

I would go for 60-90 days and then lose interest. 

Maybe I would shave a few pounds, maybe I wouldn’t. 

The only thing that was consistent is that I had an annual membership that I wouldn’t use.

I figured that I needed something more exciting than a treadmill and equipment that I didn’t know how to use. 

My next attempt was my most successful. 

I purchased some DVDs and I could do my workouts at home or on the road (I travel 3-4 days per week for work).  I started to see the pounds drop but I kept ending up injured.  I even had a friend point out that I was always hurt. 

I would drop pounds and then have to stop working out and the pounds would creep back on.

My peak weight at the beginning of this year was 235.  

My spouse convinced me to do the free trial at DSC as she has been a member for a while and was having success. 

This is where the fun beings!

My first workout: “What the heck was I thinking?”  We lined-up and started our warmups.  I already had a pretty good sweat going.  By the end of the warmup, I had a full sweat on.  

Okay, deep breaths and try to protect your pride. 

I start the first round and there is a coach there to make sure my form is correct and to give me some encouragement.  This is cool!  

Next station, same thing but a different coach. 

It gets better…they knew my name.  

At the end of the workout, my shirt was soaked, I felt like a million bucks and I was getting fist pumps from coaches and other DSC members that I didn’t even know.

My fifth workout:  I can do the warmup and not feel like I’m going to die, things are getting better.  

I’m learning the names of new members I have worked with for “I-Go/U-Go”.  

I’m able to push a little harder. 

The coaches magically appear and give some advice or words of encouragement and keep me pushing.  Sometimes they just chat with me, when I needed a couple of extra breaths…how do they know?

Somewhere around week four:  I have dropped 10 pounds in the first month, I’m pushing harder than ever but wait a minute...I’m feeling light headed.  Next thing you know, I’m laying on the floor.  Turns out that I wasn’t eating properly around my workouts.  Time to sign up for the nutrition program.

Fast forward to week 16:  I just completed the Phase 1 Nutrition Program and have been keeping my workouts going.  

In my 16 weeks at DSC, I am down 33 pounds with 18.75 of them coming in the 8-week Nutrition Program.  

I thought that I had already lost the ‘easy’ pounds and didn’t expect to drop that much weight in 8 weeks.  

The Nutrition Program makes them all ‘easy’ pounds to lose.  

I dropped my body fat percentage 4.75%.  I started on the borderline of obese to the lower side of average.

Here’s the best part: I had a trade show to attend and knew that I was going to have my suits tailored.  

They couldn’t tailor them. 

My jackets were three sizes too big and my pants were 5” too large. I purchased these and had them tailored about two weeks before joining DSC. 

It was amazing to walk around the trade show and see the reaction of people that hadn’t seen me in more than 4 more months.

I can’t thank everyone at DSC enough. 

The staff is incredible but the members just make it even better.  I remember reading one of these stories and saying “I want to be that guy!”. 

The DSC staff and awesome members got me there!

Thank you to the entire DSC team!  It’s been an amazing experience and you have a lifelong member.  

In the next couple of weeks, the scale will be showing a weight that starts with a “1”.  

I haven’t seen that number in more than 20 years!

- Jeff

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