What is DSC's Golf Performance Program?

DSC’s Golf Performance Program is designed to help golfers of all levels reach their peak golf performance by creating a healthy and efficient body.  

While not all golfers share the same swing (nor should they), each player has one efficient swing that will give them the best results. 

Our goal is to find that swing and increase its velocity and efficiency through a variety of steps, including; assessment, correction, performance, and recovery. 

We use the Titleist Performance Institute’s (TPI) model for individual screening and developing a customized program for each client.

What can you expect?

 At your first session you can expect an individual TPI screen that involves an assessment of swing mechanics, biomechanics, physical fitness, movement quality, injury history, and current health. 

This screen will serve as our blueprint for designing a unique plan for that golfer that will attack weaknesses and build the necessary attributes to reach their optimum efficiency.

Training Options and Pricing

TPI Assessment and Take Home Workout Packet - $250


TPI Assessment and 12 Week Semi Private Training 1x/week Training - $432

TPI Assessment and 12 Week Semi Private Training 2x/week Training - $864

TPI Assessment and 12 Week Semi Private Training 3x/week Training - $1296

(Can be paid monthly)

Group Training (3-month commitment) Tuesday/Thursday 8-9am

TPI Assessment and 1x/week Group Training - $90/month

TPI Assessment and 2x/week Group Training - $175/month


Semi-Private Coaching - By appointment.

Group Training - Tuesday/Thursday 8:00-9:00am.

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