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What is DSC's Online Nutrition Coaching Program?

The DSC nutrition program is an online course aimed to change eating habits and lifestyle behaviors -- leading to incredible results!

The coaching experience is done virtual which is conducive to your busy schedule.  You can now access DSC coaching anywhere in the world - right from your phone or computer. 

We meet for an initial assessment where we do some baseline testing and goal setting. (All testing is optional and based on your comfort level).  

We start with our initial on-boarding process to get to know you and your goals. 

Here is where we get our baseline measurements like body-weight and circumference measurements. 

It will be fun for you look back at these measurements as your body starts to change through the program. 

From there, our content is then administered through our customized DSC app and our private networking group online for you and the other nutrition members only.  

Our online program includes:

  • Food and activity tracking app
  • One one one nutrition coaching (specific to you and your goals)
  • Support and accountability to keep you consistent
  • Weekly lessons and habit changes
  • Specific meal plans, grocery lists, and recipes 
  • Progress tracker
  • Home workouts

Who is DSC's Nutrition Coaching Program for?

The program is ideal for people who want to lose weight, feel better, or increase their exericse performance.  

Unlike most diets, our program is not a one size fits all approach.  

We customize our advice and content to the individual.  

Whether your goal is to lose a few pounds and learn what a "macronutrient" is, or your a nutrition pro who wants to bring your knowledge and physique to the next level- our coaches will accommodate and push you based on your level. 

What can you expect to gain from the program?

Expect to transform!

Participants can expect to learn everything from how to eat for fat-loss, basic cooking skills to nutrient needs surrounding exercise for optimal performance.

A common theme within the program is behavioral change, how to make healthy eating a habit.  Unlike a lot of "diets", the program is designed to give you the tools and know how to make smart decisions on your own for the rest of your life. 

Participants can expect to be held accountable for their eating and exercise habits.  

They are going to be reached out to often by coaches to make sure they are staying on track and to answer questions.

The Results

Meet Kim - down 20lbs!

"Paying attention to what was going into my body and how it would affect me throughout the day was eye opening.  

I actually started cooking!  And cooking good, healthy food!  Paying more attention to my shopping list, instead of just going to the store and grabbing whatever. 

I learned that it is ok to slip up, you just pick yourself up and get back on track.  Don’t give up, THIS works! 

At the end of the 8 weeks I lost 18 pounds, 8 inches total and down two jeans sizes!"

Meet Christie - down 22lbs!

"With the help of Dynamic's nutrition coaches, Tommy & Renee, I eat healthier and I have made DSC a part of my daily routine.  

I have lost 22lbs, while gaining 6bs of muscle since joining the Nutrition Program! 

I feel better, stronger & have more energy than I have in a long time!"

Click HERE to read Christie's full story.

Meet Jeff - down over 20lbs (40lbs overall)!

"The Nutrition Program gave me a solid foundation of what I should be eating without any gimmicks, analyzed my macro ratios and offered support throughout the entire program. 

The community aspect of sharing challenges, successes and recipes was great too!

With the combination of awesome workouts and DSC's Nutrition Coaching Program, I have crushed my 20lb weight-loss goal and have lost over 40lbs!"

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Meet Liz - down 24lbs!

"I entered DSC's Nutrition Coaching Program ready to commit. 

They set weekly goals that were completely doable and then added on to it so it didn’t feel overwhelming or impossible to do. 

I’m still following the lessons taught in the nutrition group and since I started in January I am down 24 pounds, my body fat percentage is down 10% from starting, and I fit better in my clothes!"

Click HERE to read Liz's full story!

Meet Ron - down 28lbs!

"My weight and wellbeing are a roller coaster ride, and I tend to “go off the reservation” here and there. 

Something really needed to change. When I was asked if I would like to join round two of Phase One, I jumped in.

I am wearing clothes that have collected dust in the back of my closet for a few years.  

My tailored pants fit comfortably (size 36), and everything else seems to be baggy at this point.  

I’m tucking in my shirts and wearing a belt. 

I find that I am more comfortable, energetic, and most of all, healthy!"

Final results:

Weight loss: 28 pounds
Body fat % loss: 7.1%
Total Cholesterol loss: 30mg/dL
HDL  (good cholesterol) increase: 30mg/dL
Triglycerides loss: 39mg/dL

Click HERE to read Ron's full story!

Meet Christine - down 40lbs!

"I jumped right into the Nutrition Coaching Program because although my workouts were great, I was having trouble getting myself on track food wise.  

After the nutrition program, I viewed eating and food differently. 

I learned how to eat, what to eat, and when to eat. 

Eating wasn't about hunger anymore, it was about fueling my body properly.  

Because I was changing my eating habits, so did my daughter and husband. As a result, it became a positive change for my entire family.

I have officially lost 40 pounds!"

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